For the past 12 years I’ve worked in the non-profit direct mail fundraising industry as a Designer and Art Director where I’ve worked on hundreds of projects for non-profit organizations, from health and research organizations like Susan G. Komen and American Lung Association to Animal Humane Societies, Wildlife and Nature Preservation Organizations, Religious Groups and Veterans Organizations. I’ve contributed (in varying roles) to the creation of many ‘winning’ packages with a variety of different conceptual and aesthetic solutions that successfully raise money for each organization and their mission. 
In addition to my full-time job, I continue to take on various projects for my freelance business. Some of my proudest work is in the creation of logos, collateral and websites like the ones I've done for MomzClub, Bluefin Engineering, Powder Snowboards, Creative Logistic Solutions and MarineWeather.  
I also specialize in wedding invitations and stationery and gladly take on new clients/couples by request. I've used Inspired Pear as my DBA for wedding invitations over the past few years, while partnering with a friend, and we earned many great reviews from some of our wonderful brides/clients. You'll find them on

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